Pricing ​

Please note all cake orders are different and made to order therefore it is impossible to provide a detailed price list.


Pricing is determined by the size of the cake, complexity of the design, also the flavour of the cake and icing type.  For example our mud cakes have over 4kg worth of chocolate in them therefore these tend to be more expensive than your standard vanilla cake.


All cakes are presented on a cake board whilst cupcakes can be personalised with special wrappers where required.  All cakes are also packaged for pick up or delivery.


As a general rule, our cakes start from the following:

Mini cupcakes from $1.80 each (minimum order 24 cupcakes)

Regular cupcakes from $3.20 each (minimum order 12 cupcakes)

Small butter-cream cakes from $100

Small fondant cakes from $120

Large butter-cream cakes from $160

Large Fondant Cakes from $200

Novelty Fondant Cakes from $180 (depending on size required and design)


Please use the above prices as a guide only.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance.


All quotes provided are valid for 7 days.  Bookings are finalised once we receive confirmation from the customer and deposit has been paid.